Pittsburgh Dr who treats varicose veins with sclerotherapy

SclerotherapyIf you no longer like how your legs look in shorts… If you have begun to notice squiggly little blue or red lines on your legs…   sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins can help There are many causes of spider veins: genetics, females, standing or sitting, childbearing to name a few.

Causes Of Spider Veins

Vein injury causes varicose and spider veins. They appear as the tiny, one-way valves inside the veins begin to deteriorate. These valves force blood back toward our hearts in healthy veins. A portion of the blood flows backward and builds up in the vein when these valves become weak. The vein walls are pressed upon by extra blood in the vein.

The walls of the veins become weak and swell under constant strain. Over time, a varicose or spider vein will appear.


Treatment starts with a thorough ultrasonic exam called a vein map. Vein mapping will identify the root of your vein disease to accurately target treatment so it will be more than cosmetic.  For long term results the underlying cause should be addressed, instead of merely removing the symptom To learn more about sclerotherapy call the professionals at the advanced vein center.

Treating Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy

When using a laser in treating spider veins, the laser is administered from outside of the body. The concentrated light energy from the laser passes through the skin, heating up the blood vessel and eventually destroying it. Different types of lasers that produce light at different wavelengths are carefully selected depending on how deep under the skin the spider veins are located. Each wavelength penetrates the skin at different depths as to target only the veins, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Medical providers also take additional precautions to reduce the likeliness of side effects during the procedure. The skin is kept cool with cooling pads during the procedure in order to avoid pain. This also prevents a mild burn similar to a sunburn from forming. Additionally, the doctor may sometimes apply a topical anesthetic.

Is Sclerotherapy treatment effective for varicose veins?

Sclerotherapy is a commonly used and effective treatment for varicose veins. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting a solution directly into the affected veins. The solution irritates the vein walls, causing them to collapse and stick together. Over time, the treated veins are absorbed by the body, resulting in improved appearance and reduced symptoms.

Sclerotherapy is most effective for smaller varicose veins and spider veins. It may not be as suitable for larger varicose veins, for which other treatment options like endovenous laser ablation or surgery may be more appropriate.

The success of Sclerotherapy can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and extent of the varicose veins, the skill of the practitioner, and individual factors. Multiple treatment sessions may be required to achieve the desired results, and follow-up sessions may be needed to address any new veins that appear over time.

Most patients experience positive outcomes from Sclerotherapy, including a reduction in the appearance of varicose veins and relief from associated symptoms such as pain, swelling, and discomfort. However, it’s important to note that results can vary, and complete elimination of all veins may not always be possible.

Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional who specializes in vein treatments can provide a more accurate assessment of your specific case and the potential effectiveness of Sclerotherapy as a treatment option for your varicose veins.

When to consider Sclerotherapy?

It may be recommended if you are experiencing symptoms such as pain, swelling, discomfort, or aesthetic concerns due to the appearance of these veins. Sclerotherapy can be considered if conservative measures like compression stockings and lifestyle changes have not provided sufficient relief or improvement. Consulting with a vein specialist or healthcare professional is important to evaluate your specific condition, determine the suitability of sclerotherapy, and discuss potential alternatives if needed.

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