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Varicose Vein Treatment

Modern medical advances now provide us with a variety of effective treatments.

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Spider Vein Removal

Modern medical advances now provide us with a variety of effective treatments.

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Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Modern medical advances now provide us with a variety of effective treatments.

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Mike L.

"From playing soccer my entire life those red and purple veins on my legs from the game started to form at the age of 24. I needed to go somewhere with experts that conduct the procedure to get rid of certain discolorations. I found Body Beautiful on Groupon and came in to talk about my treatment options. They told me about laser treatments and how effective it is. I wasn’t sure if it would work on me since I have had these for 10 years plus but they honestly disappeared instantly! I spread them out between 3 Intense Pulsed Light treatments because the spider veins covered both legs entirely. Loved this treatment."

Verified Client

Teresa P.

"Recently I’ve developed a new injury of which a huge bruise the size of a football formed on my leg as a consequence. After a few weeks, the bruise subsided but broken capillaries did not. They were so big I was shocked. They were so unattractive and I was so upset! I researched how to get rid of spider veins and found Body Beautiful online. I called and they were very informative on the phone and scheduled me for a free consultation with the VIP! I met with the injector and she suggested I get sclerotherapy because they were pretty large. The injections were quick and easy and now I have my old leg back. Thank you!"

Verified Client

Sandy B.

"I began seeing spider veins on my chest when entering my 40s. At first, I assumed they were just sun spots but they started alternating color to be more purple and blue. So, I went to my doctor to make sure they weren’t varicose veins and he said no, I could have them cosmetically removed and referred me to Body Beautiful. I was nervous that it would be expensive because it’s not covered by insurance but they actually have really good pricing and specials! The treatment was so fast, I was in and out in 15 minutes! Spider veins are gone on my chest and I’m happy and confident."

Verified Client

Becca N.

"Thanks so much for my IPL treatment for spider veins and age spots! I hated having the dark veins on my face, it was so hard to cover up with makeup. This treatment was really fast and painless, thanks for the help!"

Verified Client

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Most insurance plans will cover vein medical conditions. Patient symptoms may include pain, discomfort, aching, swelling, heaviness, itching, cramping, and discoloration among others. Because we treat the cause of the symptoms, rather than providing only a cosmetic improvement, the treatment is usually covered by insurance. Some insurances require pre-authorization which our office will take care of. Call us today at (724) 885-2373 to find out more.

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Spider veins are unsightly clusters of purplish veins located just beneath the skin. The individual veins are tiny, often less than 1 millimeter. They commonly appear on the legs, but are also sometimes visible on the nose or cheeks. They have a distinctive web-like appearance, hence their name.

Varicose Veins are the much larger cousins of Spider Veins. They appear as large, ropey veins which wind their way up the legs and thighs. Although it’s possible to get varicose veins in other places, they almost always occur in these two areas. Spider Veins and Varicose Veins are symptoms of underlying vein disease.

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Varicose Veins are caused by an underlying vein disease called venous reflux. Fortunately, minimally invasive procedures exist which treat them quickly, safely, and effectively. Best of all, these procedures offer permanent results.

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Spider Veins are seen as clusters of very small blood vessels just under the skin which become visible on the surface of the skin. These tiny veins are filled with deoxygenated blood which gives them a blue or purplish color.

They usually occur on the legs, face or nose. Fortunately there are many effective treatments for Spider Veins. These can be combined with lifestyle changes to promote optimum long lasting results.

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Tired, heavy, aching legs, swelling, itching, cramping, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), and even ulcers of the ankles and feet can all be associated with vein issues. Often patients do not realize they have vein issues until their legs start becoming painful. The stressors on veins change throughout the day as well as with other factors. How long one spends standing or sitting, exercise, compression hose, elevating ones legs and many other factors can all affect how the legs feel. Patients often believe that because they feel better in the morning their problem is not bad enough to seek medical care. Like many other conditions, vein conditions can slowly and progressively worsen. The sooner a condition is treated the better the treatment outcome.

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There are a number of different medical problems that can produce swelling in one or both of your legs. It is important in each case to determine the exact cause of the swelling and then to treat the underlying medical reasons for the swelling. As swelling may be a symptom of a potentially serious medical condition, it is important that chronic leg swelling be assessed by a qualified vein specialist.

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The need for surgery can only be assessed by a qualified vein specialist. Most patients that seek medical care do not required traditional surgery. Minimally invasive or non-invasive techniques in most cases will provide the desired long-lasting results. Addressing vein issues as soon as possible improves the chances of surgery not being necessary to correct the issue.

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After a thorough assessment, the vein specialist may determine that the condition can be treated by at-home interventions. These interventions may include compression garments, exercise, elevation and massage as well as other techniques that can be used at home. A Doctor that specializes in Vein Care, after a thorough evaluation can determine the best course of action for your situation.

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There are many non-surgical treatments available for patients with vein issues. These include Sclerotherapy, Laser and Light-based treatments, Radiofrequency treatments. Microphlebectomy as well as the at-home treatments of compression garments, elevation, massage, exercise etc.

Thorough assessment by a Physician with Specialized Vein training is needed to determine the best course of action for you.

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This is a difficult question to answer. One person can have chronic leg swelling without a serious medical condition causing it. Another person will have what appears to be the same type of swelling but it is caused by a serious medical condition that requires immediate medical intervention. We offer free vein screenings at all 9 of our clinics. A screening can help determine if further medical care is required. Take charge of your health!

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are more commonly known as photofacials. They’re one of the most popular light-based non-invasive medical spa treatments. They excel at removing spider veins and burst capillaries on the face. In a single treatment it can effectively erase unwanted vessels.

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Bulging, rope-like veins on the backs of the hands are one of the most visible signs of aging. As we grow older the skin of the hands naturally becomes looser and thinner. This allows existing veins to become more noticeable. Common and highly effective non-surgical treatments include sclerotherapy and dermal fillers.

Only a Specialized Vein Doctor can determine the best course of treatment for your hand veins.

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About 10% of Varicose Vein issues occur in men. The severity of the issue can be as bad, or worse, than varicose veins in women. Fortunately, there are minimally invasive solutions that have proven extremely effective on males and females alike.

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There are many changes in pregnancy that can contribute to vein issues. The increased blood volume in veins, hormonal changes that alter veins, increasing weight that puts a strain on the system, and direct pressure on the veins in the abdomen can all contribute to a vein problem during pregnancy. You do not have to wait until after the pregnancy to treat vein disorders. There are many interventions a qualified vein specialist can recommend after a complete assessment that will improve your comfort and decrease the likelihood of the vein condition becoming worse during, or after, pregnancy.

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A blood clot is a medical emergency.

Some symptoms of blood clots are:

  • A sudden onset of leg pain. This will usually begin as a dull ache or throb which can progress to more intense pain.
  • Leg cramping, e.g. “a charlie horse.”
  • Sudden onset fatigue and heaviness of the legs.
  • Bluish or reddish discoloration of the skin. This can occur in large patches or as isolated spots.
  • Unusual skin warmth.
  • Sudden swelling of the leg without a known reason. ex a sprained ankle.
  • Pain when your foot is flexed which stretches the calf muscles and may increase pain if there is a clot.

Clots may also form without any symptoms. These symptomless clots are known as "silent clots" If you believe you have a clot please call our office for an assessment, We are available on a limited basis on Saturdays. If you are not able to reach us please call your regular provider, go to an urgent care clinic or if no other option is available, the ER. Blood clots are serious medical conditions that may be life threatening.

Call our office if you believe you have a blood clot

A free vein screen involves a thorough visual inspection of the affected area by a qualified practitioner. After the assessment you will be provided with information about the next recommended steps, if any.

A consultation involves collection of a patient medical history, an evaluation by our medical staff and will include further tests and a thorough lower extremity ultrasound study if needed, a detailed physical examination and a personalized treatment plan created by the Doctor.

Fortunately these are covered by most insurances for patients with symptoms.

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