What is the Best Treatment for Spider Veins in Cranberry Twp, near Pittsburgh Pa?



Our doctors recommend Sclerotherapy, a safe and virtually pain-free technique to rid your legs of spider veins.

By injecting a very small amount of sclerotherapy solution into the reticular veins- often called spider veins in the legs, you can watch these unwanted annoyances virtually disappear right in front of your eyes! This procedure has been safely used for over 30 years.


This treatment uses your body’s natural healing processes to break down and remove unwanted and disfiguring small vessels called telangectasias. It is performed lying down is a comfortable position. The Dr nurse, or physicians assistant guides a very fine needle into the veins lumen. Natural solutions like saline or other sclerosing solutions are then injected into the vein which is very irritating to the inside lining of the vessel. This causes it to naturally swell and fuse together. It will then gradually fade over a period of weeks to months.

Over time they will collapse and eventually disappear. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure. They are routinely performed in a doctor’s office or vein clinic. Anesthesia is generally not required. Almost all patients can return to their normal daily routine the very same day. However sclerotherapy is not for everyone. If you are pregnant or have a history of reactions to the chemicals used in the procedure, you should not have sclerotherapy performed on you. Depending on the size of your vessels being treated, the Dr may advise wearing stockings for a day or two.

 Treating spider veins ,Pittsburgh Pa

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