Treatment of Veins with Laser, Butler Pa

Laser Treatment for Veins

In 1/20th of a second, you can watch those annoying leg veins disappear in a flash- literally!

We use a quick, nonpainful laser- a highly focused beam of light t- whose wavelength is attracted to the colored pigment in the vein . This selectively treats only the ugly broken vessels that are creating a map on your legs. Our doctors can also use a laser to treat varicose veins. EVLT, or endovenous vein ablation isone such example of a treatment for the larger varicose veins that are creating the spider veins to begin with.

Simple laser treatment.

Depending on the number and size of your reticular veins, simple laser vein treatment can be done with out any needles or incisions-on the outside of your skin. We can treat spider veins and small varicose veins just under the surface of the skin. At times, more than a single laser session is necessary, 6 to 12 weeks apart, as prescribed by your doctor. A good vein center will do a doppler ultrasound to map and measure the veins you can’t see under the skin first. This will tell you the appropriate treatment to start with, as often “feeder” veins-larger veins that have stopped working- will continue to create more spider veins as fast as you can treat them, if these are not addressed.

After laser treatment of broken capillaries and small vessels, you can walk out immediately and resume normal daily activities. After endovenous laser treatments of larger varicose veins, stockings should be worn for a short time.

What Should You Know About Laser Vein Therapy?

Spider vein removal using a laser is generally simple and painless.

It is normal to feel a little apprehensive when the words “laser” and “spider” are used together in the same phrase. Laser spider vein therapy, however, is a common operation that is generally well tolerated by all patients. The length of the laser session varies depending on the area being treated and is usually between 20 and 40 minutes. Your skilled and qualified specialist will precisely treat the troubled veins using a portable laser. The targeted veins will eventually collapse and leave the body because the blood vessels will absorb the laser’s energy without harming the tissue around them.

Patients often feel very little discomfort during procedures, but if necessary, your doctor may prescribe a topical local anesthetic to ease any discomfort.

With laser spider vein treatment, many patients get immediate results.

Although the full effects may not become apparent for a week or two, many patients might already notice a preliminary improvement. After only a few days, the treated veins may appear lighter, smaller, or even imperceptible, with the effects getting better over time. After laser spider vein treatment, there is little to no downtime, but patients can have minor swelling, bruising, or redness for 7 to 10 days.

With good postoperative care, which includes limiting sun exposure, smoking, some medications, and some physical activity, these symptoms are typically moderate and go away.

Spider veins have no physical negative effects.

Although spider veins are not always a medical issue, they can make a person’s lifestyle difficult. As a person gets older, spider veins, which are basically just dark, branching, superficial blood vessels that are typically red, blue, or purple in color, become more visible through the skin. Despite being physically unharmful, these veins can lower your confidence due to their unattractive look.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Laser Vein Treatment?

  • If spider veins are causing you cosmetic problems, like making you feel ashamed when you go out, or take away your confidence then laser vein treatment is for you.
  • Those who are suffering from pain caused by spider veins can get the laser treatment for spider veins. Since this problem usually doesn’t cause any pain, but if it does then it means it may be indicating to an underlying serious problem or may turn into varicose veins soon, which is the advanced and serious version of spider veins.
  • Are you suffering from spider veins for months? If yes, then consider visiting your doctor soon. Spider veins sometimes go on their own and don’t need a treatment but if they don’t then it’s better to check out doctor soon, to make sure you are your veins are safe.
  • If you are pregnant, take blood thinner pills, have blood clots or are diabetic then laser vein treatment isn’t suitable for you, so look for other alternatives. In case of pregnant women, spider veins will go away on their own after your delivery so do not worry about them.

What Happens After The Laser Vein Treatment?

The laser vein treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete, after that happens your doctor will encourage you to walk so that they can know if you are fine or not. A great thing about this treatment is that you can go home right after the treatment is done, and you don’t need anyone to drive you home. However, just make sure to avoid work on the day of treatment and continue it from the next day.

Also, make sure to avoid running, walking too much and lifting heavy things, such works put a lot of pressure on legs which can help veins become spider veins again.

What should I expect during a laser treatment session for veins?

During a laser treatment session for veins, you can expect the following:

  1. Consultation: Your healthcare provider will assess your veins and discuss the treatment plan with you.
  2. Preparation: The treatment area will be cleaned, and you may be given protective eyewear.
  3. Procedure: The laser device will be used to deliver controlled pulses of light to the targeted veins. You may feel a slight tingling or snapping sensation during the procedure.
  4. Post-treatment care: After the procedure, your provider may apply a soothing gel to the treated area and provide instructions for post-treatment care.
  5. Recovery: You can usually resume normal activities immediately after the treatment, although you may be advised to avoid strenuous exercise and hot baths for a few days.
  6. Follow-up: You may be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to assess the results and determine if additional treatments are needed.

How many laser treatment sessions are typically needed to see results?

The number of laser treatment sessions needed to see results can vary depending on the size and severity of the veins being treated, as well as individual factors such as skin type and response to treatment. In general, most people require multiple treatment sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve the desired results. Some may see improvements after just one session, while others may need four or more sessions for optimal results.

Can laser treatment for veins be used on all skin types?

Laser treatment for veins can be used on most skin types, but the effectiveness and safety may vary depending on the type of laser and the individual’s skin tone. It’s important to consult with a qualified provider to determine the best treatment approach for your skin type.

Laser vein treatment has been safely and effectively used for over 20 years.

The more experience your doctor has had with laser, the less risk you are likely to have. Talk to your doctor about how often any side effects happen in his or her practice.

Transient itching or burning, mild in nature are common. this usually doesn’t last long.

 Laser Spider Vein Treatment, Beaver PA Laser Spider Vein Treatment, Beaver PA

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