Spider Vein Treatment, Wexford

Spider Veins

What causes spider veins in the legs? There are several main things that cause these reticular  veins on the legs:

  • Inheritance
  • Pregnancy
  • Prolonged standing
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Female hormones

How do you treat spider veins?

The popular options for the treatment include:

  • Ablation of the vein
  • Laser treatment of veins

What is the best treatment for spider veins in legs?

One of the best treatments of broken veins in the legs is sclerotherapy


What helps with squiggly leg ? Once the valve in the vein fails, there is no way to “fix” it.

Do these veins go away on their own? No veins do not go away on their own.

The definition of sclerotherapy is: the treatment of varicose blood vessels by the injection of an irritant that causes inflammation, coagulation of blood, and narrowing of the blood vessel wall. This is not an uncomfortable procedure, accomplished in the outpatient office setting. It can usually be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. Some bruising may appear, and this resolves over the next several weeks. We recommend wearing compression stockings afterwards and not lifting weights for a few weeks.

Some people may ask the cost to remove broken veins. If the doppler ultrasound confirms abnormal veins, it is most often covered by insurance. Its best to have that first to see the extent of the problem, then you will know if you meet the required parameters.

Some small veins causes can be alleviated, most can’t. That’s why, without proper treatment, the veins will slowly get worse. Follow this link for spider veins pictures

Endovenous Laser Therapy

Endovenous Laser Therapy also known as EVLT is a new treatment in the field of venous problems.

It can easily help you treat small varicose veins and spider veins.

This is a little invasive treatment, first you will be injected with a local anesthesia then your surgeon will make a small incision in the affected area.

Then they will insert a laser fiber, later this laser fiber releases heat waves that closes your damaged vein.

Gradually the treated vein will disappear and blood will start following through other veins.

How To Prevent Spider Veins In Future?

You probably don’t want that you develop these annoying spider veins in future, right?

If so then you must follow some preventive tips to keep spider veins away from you.

Here are some of the most effective tips:

  1. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Sadly, excess weight can lead to spider veins.

It’s because a lot of weight puts too much pressure on your legs and this pressures makes your blood unable to flow back to the heart.

When this happens spider veins appear, so the perfect solution to this problem is getting rid of your weight!

  1. Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker then you are making yourself suffer from spider veins because smoking restricts blood vessels and veins.

This means smoking makes it impossible for your veins to pump blood which causes venous problems.

Furthermore, smoking is the leading cause of spider veins on face.

So to avoid them simply quit smoking.

  1. Try To Move

Nowadays many people live sedentary life and this is making people develop spider veins often.

Staying at one place for too long can interfere with your blood circulation, so try to move a little everyday.

Even normal activities like walking, swimming and cycling and enough to improve your blood circulation.

I you aren’t interested in a procedure, we have natural treatments available. this includes compression therapy, vitamins, and spider veins cream. This will also help to prevent spider veins.

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