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Sclerotherapy for spider veins Bridgewater

Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy for spider veins Bridgewater

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Sclerotherapy for spider veins Bridgewater : Venous reflux causes varicose veins and spider veins in exactly the same way. It’s simply a matter of scale. Larger diseased veins become varicose while smaller ones develop into spider veins. Fortunately, this smaller size means they’re easier to treat than their larger cousins.

Right now sclerotherapy is arguably the most popular treatment for unsightly clusters of spider veins. Often known simply as “sclero,” it’s an injection-based treatment which permanently gets rid of these problem veins. This often drastically improves the appearance of the legs. Asclera is the most popular brand of Sclerotherapy for spider veins Bridgewater .


The medical term “sclero” is used to describe the hardening of any type of body tissue. This is usually due to the formation of scar tissue. Such sclerosis is usually not a good thing. In the case of sclerotherapy, however, it’s precisely what’s needed.

During therapy small amounts of a sclerosing or scarring medication are injected into either individual spider vein or clusters. Very small 32-guage “Botox” needles are typically used, as most spider veins are less than 3 mm in diameter. This specialty medication is usually in the form of a foam. This maximizes contact with the vein walls.

Works within hours!

Once injected, the sclerosing agent instantly causes severe irritation of the lining of the vein. In a matter of hours each treated veins will literally swell shut. The veins then “scars down.” Over the next few weeks they will be absorbed back into the body. Once this has taken place the veins disappears completely.

Small vein treatment

Note that sclerotherapy has also proven itself effective on small varicose veins. These in-between vessels are known as reticular veins. This allows sclerotherapy to be used instead of more invasive procedures which involve physically removing the vein (microphlebectomy).

If a cluster of spider veins isn’t large it’s entirely possible that one session of sclerotherapy will suffice. Each appointment takes about 30 minutes from the time you walk in to the time you leave the clinic. Other than redness and minor bruising at the site of injection sclerotherapy has almost no recorded side effects. Freckling of the skin overlying the treated veins can also occur. This typically lasts no longer than 2 weeks.


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