Cutting-edge Treatments for Spider Veins

Cutting-edge Treatments for Spider Veins (Without the Cutting)

Treatments for Spider Veins

Modern medical advances now provide us with a variety of effective non-invasive treatments and therapies for all kinds of vein diseasesーincluding spider veins. The more practitioners learn, the better they can provide for the needs of their patients. At The Advanced Vein Center we pride ourselves in being on the frontline of innovative techniques. 

In some cases, a few simple lifestyle changesーlike a new walking regime or weight loss, may be all you need to reduce the prominence of those pesky spider veins. In others, our vein specialists might suggest one of many safe and effective medical procedures. Because of our vast experience and access to the newest generation of medical technologies, we are sure to have the most practical procedure for your individual case. If a laser treatment is chosen to be the best option for you, we have several different specialty lasers that can optimally pinpoint and target spider veins based on your specific situation. Invasive surgery is only performed as a last resort. 

Non-invasive Laser Treatment

For many of our patients, laser/light therapy is the most effective option for treating spider veins. A custom modulated laser or a series of intense light pulses are used to heat and destroy these bothersome veins. Since they are non-invasive, these treatments are fast and cause little to no downtime. Side effects are rare, but they may include some temporary swelling, discoloration and/or blistering.


If the vein is a larger varicose vein, the laser itself can be inserted inside the vein via a catheter. This allows a more direct application of the photon energy on the area of concern, lowering the risk of side-effects to the surrounding tissue. 

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