Venous Reflux Exam

Venous Reflux Exam

Are there significant advantages of a venous reflux exam when compared to other similar procedures?

The ultrasound techniques used are non-invasive. This is not the case with other diagnostic tools such as venography and arteriography.

How long do the results take?

At the AVC the tests are done, you may receive the results right away. Other clinics may take a few days. Many dedicated vein specialist have the equipment for a venous reflux exam right in their own office. If you have to go offsite for the tests, your healthcare provider will likely receive your results within a few days.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a venous reflux exam?

Since venous reflux exams are typically ordered by your physician to confirm a clinical suspicion or diagnose a medical condition, medical insurance companies usually cover this exam. You may still be responsible for copays or deductibles.


Are there any risks associated with venous reflux exams?

There are no known complications or risks connected with venous reflux exams. It is a simple, non-invasive procedure that takes 30 minutes to an hour. Some people have reported feeling dizzy or lightheaded during the standing portion of the exam. This can be easily remedied by sitting down.

What is the cost of a venous reflux exam?

A venous reflux examination’s cost can vary based on where the test is performed on the body. Also varies with your provider’s fees, health coverage and whether the test is performed at an imaging center or in your physician’s office. Check with your healthcare provider for the specific on cost and coverage.

These “false negatives” can be dangerous. They may be falsely interpreted as normal but in reality we have no way of knowing since the test was not administered properly. If your technician does not test you while standing, ask why, and then seek a second opinion.

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