Varicose Veins 

Varicose veins are abnormally dilated vessels, but can be more uncomfortable and harmful to your health than spider veins. In general, veins are responsible for pushing blood against gravity back to the heart and lungs. But with varicose veins, the blood flow from the legs back to the heart is diminished by 15-20%, making these veins a burden to your circulation.

The actual cause of varicose veins is inefficient, faulty vein valves. These valves don't close properly, and with vascular pressure, it allows blood to leak back with gravity and pool in the vein. Many factors can contribute, such as age, heredity, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy and traumas. This causes the leg veins to bulge, stretch and result in many unpleasant side effects such as:

  • Aching Legs, Throbbing Leg Pain
  • Leg Swelling
  • Lower Leg Fatigue
  • Night Cramps in legs
  • Redness, Itching
  • Numbness
  • Tired & Heavy Legs
  • Poor Circulation
  • Restless Leg Syndrome

Heredity is a primary factor in over 80% of varicose vein cases. Other contributing factors may include pregnancy (multiple pregnancies), obesity, hormone therapy, injury and standing or sitting for long periods of time. Many teachers, nurses, flight attendants, hairstylist, etc. fall into that category.


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Q: What are varicose veins?
A: Varicose veins are located under upper dermis (layer of skin) they are bulged and swollen blood vessels. Varicose veins are most common on the legs but can form in other locations.
Q: What are symptoms of varicose veins?
A: Varicose veins can bring on a myriad of different symptoms. These symptoms include but are not limited to restless, heavy and swollen legs, bruising and itching can also occur.
Q: Are varicose veins removable?
A: Yes, we offer many treatment varicose veins options for problematic veins - see below for more details.

4 Myths About Varicose Veins

Myth #1

Man with varicose veins,Unsightly leg veins,bulging veins,spider veins,top varicose vein
  • Varicose veins are just a cosmetic flaw.
  • This is simply untrue. Varicose veins come from blood flow restriction that can cause circulatory problems.

Myth #2

  • Only women get varicose veins.
  • While nearly 25% of women are affected by varicose veins, nearly 15% of men are affected as well. Men should have more concern about bulging varicose veins as most do not worry about cosmetic concerns due to leg hair hiding most sightly areas.

Myth #3

  • Varicose veins, or large veins, do not hurt.
  • Varicose veins cause swelling of the veins and circulatory problems that can lead to pressure and discomfort.

Myth #4

  • Varicose veins usually only need treated with a minimally invasive surgery.
  • We use VNUS Radiofrequency Vein Ablation, which closes off bad veins with a minimally invasive wire procedure and Compression Therapy, helping you lose vericose veins quickly and without pain!

Our Board Certified Physicians at, Pittsburgh area, specialize in helping patients with Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Sclerotherapy and Compression Therapy prevent venous ulcers. At Advanced Vein Center Beaver County we are pleased to offer our cranberry twp vein treatment patients and our Beaver Vein Clinic patients the VNUS Closure procedure, a state of the art procedure for dealing with vein disease. The Closure procedure is a minimally invasive treatment alternative for patients with a condition known as superficial venous reflux, which often results in varicose veins and other painful symptoms and is also offer at our vein care clinic, Butler County.

Varicose veins are known for their distinctive blue color and bulging appearance under the skin. They afflict an estimated 10%-20% of the adult population. In the United States, that translates into 20-25 million people, the majority of whom are women. At Advanced Vein Center, we are proud to serve Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area with vein clinics located conveniently in Cranberry Twp, Butler, Moon, Chippewa, New Castle, and Hopewell. Advanced Vein Center was featured in North Hills Monthly. 

3 Steps to Healthy Legs

by Dr. Tina Teimouri

Get Your Legs Back up on Their Feet, Take these 1st Steps!

Women's legs, varicose veins, after varicose vein treatment, Pittsburgh Vein Center

Our Vein Clinic offers an array of vascular treatment options for troublesome veins that may be causing discomfort.

Do you have any of these symptoms:

  1. Restless leg syndrome
  2. Aching or Swollen Legs
  3. Blue or Purple Ropey Veins or Lumps
  4. Heavy or Tired Legs when standing or near the end of the day.
  5. Veins that stick out, may cause Bleeding during shaving
  6. Itchiness, Charlie horses, Cramping

Over 30% of the population can be affected by Varicose veins. Men but mostly women can be affected, more so in females as hormones begin to weaken vein walls.

Hereditary and age are big factors but work situations that require a lot of standing or sitting can increase the chance in instigating a varicose vein. During physical activity, muscles surrounding the veins pump blood, but valves keep blood from pooling back down in the legs. If the valve isn’t working correctly, they increase pressure and leak, blood will pool and a vein may weaken and bulge, causing varicosities. Without proper treatment, valves in the vein worsen.

Some of these symptoms will possibly occur:

  • Venous Stasis Dermatitis - purple or Brown discolorations of skin around ankle area.
  • Venous Ulcers - Blood seeps out the veins onto surrounding tissue, which causes it to break open after declining over time.
  • Phlebitis - blockage or inflammation of calves and low leg veins that become red and painful.

Step 1 - Gather medical information

Large veins may be easier to see, but to determine damaged valves, an ultrasound screening will need performed.

  • by using a Doppler sound wave test will check for an abnormality in blood flow and vein structures.
  • Ultrasound scanning gives us an internal picture of the inside of the leg. Thus revealing blood flow directional information and can determines if refluxing is occurring.

Step 2 - Extensively sharing treatment plans to diagnose which options are best:

Example - Compression stockings may be the best place to start and wearing them can relieve some side effects.

Man with varicose veins, steps to healthy legs, ultrasound scanning, varicose vein screening
  • Or more inclusive treatment plans can be prescribed: Foam Sclerotherapy (or Liquid Sclerotherapy) is an effective treatment of tiny injectable that closes the affected vein.
  • Cosmetic Laser Therapy (non-invasive) - many of our patients find us because they are concerned about how surface veins appear. Looking into these aesthetic concerns can reveal more serious underlying medical problems. Through a non-invasive Laser Treatment for a superficial spider vein, broken capillaries or rosacea can have a boost in self-esteem.
  • Vein Ablation through RadioFrequency, or endovenous laser therapy, uses an energy wave at high frequency to close the vein wall with heat. This quick, safe, office procedure causes minor irritation with no downtime. Actually, resuming normal activity is encourage immediately. Radio-frequency ablation relieves symptoms of swelling and prevents worsening of bulging and discoloration in leg veins.

Step 3 Candidates for Surgical Treatment of Veins

Our board-certified physicians use the latest technology for treatment of varicose veins in a comfortable and safe of way as possible. At the Advanced Vein Center, most insurances are covering our specialized vein-care services Varicose veins can impact your overall health and appearance, if you want them removed contact us.


Vein FAQ

Q. What are the main causes of varicose veins 7 Fields?

  1. Hereditary
  2. Women > men
  3. sitting or standing job
  4. pregnancies
  5. injury to veins


Q. Is it dangerous to have varicose veins, Pittsburgh, PA? Although it is not "dangerous" for most people to have a varicose vein, it does progressively get worse. Complications from prolonged varicose veins can become dangerous like blood clots, ulcers, and infections.


Q. How do you get rid of varicose veins,North Hills?

  1. Vein glue
  2. Vein Ablation
  3. Laser Vein Treatment
  4. Microphlebectomies for leg veins
  5. Foam Therapy for veins
  6. Vein Sclerotherapy
  7. Compression Management of swollen legs


Q. How do you fix varicose veins in Wexford, PA?

Q. What are the available treatments for varicose veins treatments, Butler PA?

  1. Vein glue
  2. Vein Ablation
  3. Laser Vein Treatment
  4. Microphlebectomies for veins
  5. Foam Therapy for veins
  6. Vein Sclerotherapy
  7. Compression Management of swollen legs

Q. Whats the best varicose veins prevention, Beaver, PA?

  1. Support stockings
  2. Avoid prolonged sitting and standing
  3. Elevation
  4. Walking and exercise
  5. Limit caffeine

Q. What are the most common varicose veins symptoms, Ross Park, PA?

  1. Tired achey legs
  2. Ankle swelling
  3. Charlie horses
  4. Restless leg syndrome
  5. Night Cramps
  6. Blue squiggley broken vessels

Q. Whats the worst varicose veins cause, Moon Twp, PA? 

Q. Varicose veins pictures... 

Q. Whats the best help for varicose veins pain, Zelienople,PA?

Q. What is varicose veins meaning?