Pittsburgh’s Laser Vein Treatment 

At the Advanced Vein Center we offer laser treatment of veins, Beaver, Butler and Allegheny Counties.

Lasers are generally used to Ablate (close) a vein, as in EVLT (Endovenous Laser Vein Therapy). Our physicians have chosen the safer, more comfortable varicose vein treatment method called RF Closure with VNUS ClosureFAST catheter. Both have similar efficacy and profiles.

Then…. we use lasers to “do the clean up work”! Through our sister company Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa the tiny residual spider veins are non-invasively “Zapped” instantly away to give you the aesthetic look you desire, so you can wear those summer shorts again!

If surgery or injections are not an option for you, you may want to try Laser spider vein removal. More information can be found here. 

The VNUS Closure procedure in Pittsburgh Pa, provides an alternative treatment option to traditional vein stripping surgery and standard surgical treatment of veins. Treatments like EVLT brings state-of-the-art technology to an age-old disease. Technically it is the next generation of Vein Therapy, using radio waves to gently ablate the vein. This is called RF Vein closure, or radiofrequency vein ablation.

The Closure procedure is performed comfortably in the office. With the help of ultrasound guidance, your physician will position the Closure catheter upon the diseased vein. The tiny catheter delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the vein wall. As the RF energy is delivered and the catheter is withdrawn, the vein wall is heated, causing the collagen in the wall to shrink and the vein to close. After the diseased vein valve is shut down, blood is then routed to healthy veins and a better vascular flow. This stops the unhealthy pooling of blood under the skin, which are what varicose veins are.

Post vein procedure, a small band aid is placed over the site of insertion, and additional compression via compression stockings, may be needed to aid in healing. Your doctor may encourage you to walk, but to refrain from strenuous activities or even extended standing for a short period of time.

Patients who undergo the VNUS Closure procedure typically resume normal activities within a day.

Highlights of The Vnus Closure® Procedure

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  • Only local anesthesia
  • Relief of vein symptoms
  • Office based vein procedure
  • Resume normal activity within a day of your vein treatment
  • Good cosmetic vein procedure outcome with minimal to no scarring, bruising or swelling

Additional Treatment Options

There are additional treatments that can be performed at Advanced Vein Center - Pittsburgh. These treatments include the uses of injections, lasers, and surgery. Before a treatment procedure can be determined we perform an consult evaluation of your problem area. Below is additional treatments that may be required or consider.

  • Varicose Vein Screening - The vein specialists at Advanced Vein Center can perform a veins screening to investigate any underlying problems.
  • Laser procedures - Laser treatments can be performed to eliminate superficial spider veins using lasers such as the Diode Laser, ND Yag and Intense Pulse Light.
  • Sclerotherapy - Sclerotherapy is performed with injections from a very small needle directly into the vein. The number of veins treated varies, depending on the patient’s medical condition, and the location of the veins. Sclerotherapy is performed in a doctor’s office by a physician, physician’s assistant or registered nurse.
  • Dermal Fillers - Such as Juvéderm, Radiesse, and Sculptra Aesthetic. Some may want to opt for the instant results of Radiesse or choose the collagen stimulator Sculptra. These fillers can be injected into areas such as the hand to remove unsightly veins.
 FAQ's laser vein treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the results long lasting?
A: Yes, the results can be very long lasting. Patients have the most success when using the R.I.C.E. method - Rest Ice Compression Elevation.
Q: You say the results are long lasting, but are there any permanent ways to treat spider veins?
A: No one has come up with a way to permanently treat spider veins. Vein disease is slowly progressive. There are ten miles of veins in your body. Unless you treat the underlying vein disease and venous reflux then they may occur in new places.
Q: Can Lasers also treat spider veins on my nose, chest, face, hands, and elsewhere?
A: Yes, at the Advanced Vein Center and Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa we can also treat spider veins on the nose, face and all over the body very easily and with little discomfort.
Q: Are there other ways to treat spider veins in Cranberry Twp, PA?
A: Other ways to treat spider veins include: 1064 laser, IPL treatment, injectable sclerotherapy, Asclera, foam sclerotherapy and saline injections.
Q: Why are spider veins removed?
A: Many women consider spider veins to be an unsightly nuisance. If left untreated they may worsen. However there is no medical reason to treat spider veins as it’s a cosmetic problem, so that is why it is often an out-of -pocket expense.
Q: Can I treat my spider veins if I am nursing?
A: Wait several months after you have finished nursing to start your spider vein treatment.
Q: What is the best cream for treating spider veins?
A: There are no effective creams to treat spider veins, they cannot penetrate skin deep enough to have much effect at all.
Q: Are laser vein removal effective for treating spider veins?
A: Laser vein surgery is effective, but often takes several treatments with time in between treatments to see how well each laser vein treatment worked and what is left to treat. Do not judge you final outcome until healing is complete. Many providers will work on one area, or for a specific amount of time in each session. Plan on multiple sessions. Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa offers Laser spider vein packages and free consultations for spider vein treatment. Become a VIP and become eligible for big savings and large discounts. Compression garments are recommended following laser therapy.
Q: Who is the Best doctor to treat spider veins?
A: The best type of vein doctor to treat spider veins is an MD, Nurse or Physician assistant under the guidance of a Board Certified General, Vascular or Cosmetic Surgeon. At the Advanced Vein Center and Body Beautiful, we have Board Certified General and Cosmetic surgeons on staff with highly trained and skilled extenders who perform these treatments on a daily basis with very satisfied patients.
Q: Are spider vein treatments in Pittsburgh, PA covered by insurance?
A: Our Vein Centers in Butler, and Vein clinics in Beaver and Allegheny County offer laser spider vein therapy are reasonable prices, as most insurance companies consider it a cosmetic problem. Treating the underlying vein disease IS often covered by insurance so you should have the doppler exam to determine if yours is a cosmetic or medically necessary condition

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