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Restoring the Health of Your Veins

We offer complimentary vein screenings that allow you to have your general questions answered after being evaluated by our staff. We offer a variety of services to treat vascular issues.

Venous Reflux Disease Management Managing spider and varicose veins can be achieved through minimally invasive procedures which are covered by most insurance policies. These procedures treat symptoms including throbbing, pain, aching, fatigue and swelling in ankles and legs.

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Eliminate unwanted hand veins using innovative in-office procedures. As we age, many women endure the development of large bulging veins forming on the backs of their hands. The skin relaxes and thins as we age. This causes the veins to become more noticeable and appear enlarged. Traditional treatments offered are sclerotherapy and mini phlebectomy. With some of the newer dermal fillers available you can actually fill out the flesh of your hands and take years off of their appearance. Our sister company, Body beautiful Laser Medi-Spa also offers IPL "photofacials" of the hand to remove brown sun spots and age spots!

Varicose Veins

These occur when malfunctioning valves stop the proper circulation of blood, pooling in the veins, getting heavier and causing varicosities. This results in itching legs, throbbing, cramping, swelling and bulging rope like veins. If left untreated, venous reflux disease can worsen and cause even more serious health concerns, like leg ulcers, infections and phlebitis.

Spider Veins

Much smaller than varicose veins, spider veins appear closer to the surface of the skin. Due to Genetics, pregnancy and hormones, spider veins are many times greater in women than in men. Spider veins can be very uncomfortable, but more than that, they are unsightly.


 Best Vein care in Pittsburgh, treat spider veins in pittsburgh

Using radiofrequency energy, the VNUS ClosureFAST vein ablation technique is one of the newest and most innovative treatments of varicose veins. It's like Laser ablation version 2.0! Much safer than EVLT, ELVeS, or Laser treatment, Radiofrequency has no 'forward fire' of energy so there is no collateral damage, less burning, itching and pain. The procedure is covered by insurances when medically necessity parameters are met. The vein Closure take less than an hour and is done right in the Dr's office.


Using a 1mm puncture in the skin, a microphlebectomy allows the Dr to gently remove medium sized vessels. These vessels are too large for sclerotherapy, but too small for ablation techniques. Results are permanent. 


Used in the treatment of small- sized veins, sclerotherapy, whether saline, Asclera, Polidocanol, Foam, all are simple quick ways to close down unsightly little bothersome veins, all over the body. Done usually via series of tiny injections directly into the little ugly veins, the solution irritates the lining of the small vessels causing them to collapse upon themseves and close down, rerouting the blood to healthy veins!

Facial Veins

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Broken capillaries or minute veins that appear on the chin, neck, forehead, cheeks or eyelids are usually caused by dilated blood vessels. The purple and red hues make them hard to cover up with makeup. We use safe, effective, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, a non-invasive treatment immediately eliminating the tiniest annoying veins of the face, nose, chest, legs or anywhere you get broken capillaries that you want gone! By harmlessly passing through the outer skin layers, IPJ is absorbed by the Hemoglobin in the blood cells and selectively targets veins underneath with no visible damage to the skin. IPL and or 1064 laser can also assist with the removal and destruction of birthmarks, and treat srosacea acne ands un damage. The treatment is almost painless with no down time!

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